Payment methods

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At our clinic, in addition to cash payments, it is also possible to pay electronically when utilizing certain health care funds.


(When using these health care funds: TEMPO, OTP, PREMIUM, MKB, ALLIANZ, KARDIREX, PATIKA, GENERALI, PROVITA, VITAMIN, RASUTAS, MEDICINA, GOLDEN AGE, 20% of the treatment cost can be deducted from the personal income tax).


Please check the daily limit setting on your cards as this usually allows for a small payment only!


Prices are in HUF and include VAT.

Cost of Tests

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Examination Price
Annual ophthalmic complete examination 25.000 HUF
Control examination for returning patients (within 1 year) 15.000 HUF
Glass prescription, if glasses purchased in our store Free of charge
Optometric follow-up consultation after surgery and treatment Free of charge
Medical suitability assessment test. (Visus eye examination, Pentacam anterior and posterior surface topography of cornea, keratoconus screening and corneal thickness map, Fundus dilatation, intraocular pressure measurement, eye dryness measurement, stereo vision and squinting assessment, biometrics) 35.000 HUF

Cost of other instrument tests

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Examination Price
Ultrasound B scan 20.000 HUF
Ultrasonic biometric lens design 15.000 HUF
Glaucoma static field of view 20.000 HUF
Glaucoma gonioscopy exam and corneal thickness map 20.000 HUF
IOL master lens design 20.000 HUF
OCT examination 20.000 HUF

Cost of laser treatment per eye

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Treatment Price
Yag laser iridotomy (glaucoma) 50.000 HUF
Yag laser capsulotomy (secondary cataract) 50.000 HUF
Argon laser trabeculoplasty (glaucoma) 100.000 HUF
Argon laser panretinal photocoagulation (e.g., diabetes) 100.000 HUF
SLT laser glaucoma treatment 100.000 HUF
PRK (excimer laser vision correction) 150.000 HUF
Femto + High End LASIK excimer laser vision correction 390.000 HUF
High-End LASIK excimer laser vision correction 350.000 HUF
Vitreolysis 100.000 HUF
ICRS 670.000 HUF
Femto + High End LASIK + close vision 390.000 HUF
PRK + Crosslinking 350.000 HUF

Cost of surgery per eye

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Price includes the first follow-up visit.

Surgery Price
Tear duct closure with implant (2 eyes) 70.000 HUF
Cataract surgery, single-focus artificial lens implantation 430.000 HUF
Cataract surgery with multifocal artificial lens implantation 650.000 HUF
Cataract surgery with AcrySof IQ Toric lens implantation 450.000 HUF
Anti-squat surgery 490.000 HUF
Eyelid plastic surgery 290.000 HUF
Anti-VEGF injection, per eye, per injection (price depends on the type of medicine) 100.000-350.000 HUF

We can provide recommendations about pleasant and affordable accommodations close to our clinic to patients that require long distance travel.

Appointment cancellation/modification policy

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We require 24-hour advanced notice (via email or phone) for appointment cancellation and/or modification for any reason.

If the cancellation is omitted, we will charge 5,000 HUF extra in addition to the standard medical fee on the next visit.