Why do we think we can offer more than an optometry?

• Because we have the full range of vision correction in hand, from making glasses, to excimer laser corneal grinding, to changing the eyepieces with eye-opening surgery.

This is currently the full range of diopter corrections that exist in the world, which also means that we provide a solution for patients who are unfit for excimer laser treatment.

• Because we perform a wide range of ophthalmic therapeutic surgeries.

• Because in addition to excimer lasers, we also have therapeutic laser devices, such as Yag and Argon lasers.

With these types of lasers, we can treat diabetics, cataract and post-cataract patients, for example.

• Because we also offer more in diagnostics than a specialist clinic. We also have the unique PENTACAM-OCULAYZER device, which, in addition to planning refractive surgeries, also helps with certain corneal diseases, cataracts, objective cataract monitoring, corneal topography, and corneal thickness measurement. In addition, we work with ultrasound devices, computer-controlled static field of view devices, and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

• Because we had the ALLEGRO-BIOGRAPH device for the first time in the country, which is already an essential tool for refractive surgery.

• Because by performing one of the most vitrectomies in the country, we are also able to treat serious eye diseases, injuries and surgical complications.

• Because our doctors also train at international conferences to learn about the latest technological innovations and scientific results.

• Because with the help of our optical instruments and specialists, we can select and manufacture your glasses on site.

• Because we welcome you in a luxurious environment, where we offer appointment-based examinations with minimal waiting times (e.g., time required for pupil dilation)

Why we think we can offer more than just an optician?

• Because we can help our patients not only by selling glasses, but also by providing other therapeutic options on-site.

• Because our doctors are the most qualified professionals with ongoing clinical and hospital experience.

• Because the professional experience of our optician and optometrist is our ultimate guarantee.

• Because we work with the most modern and precise instruments.

• Because it is not in our interest to sell glasses to patients who can only be helped by surgery, where glasses are ineffective due chronic eye disease, or that surgery may be the only solution.

• Our motto is to heal first – if possible, so we can avoid unnecessarily prescribed glasses. If healing is not possible, we will work with you to get best prescription glasses that are individually prepared for you.

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Why we think we can offer more than an excimer laser clinic?

• Because we are currently using a novel technology that offers one of the most accurate and efficient excimer devices in the world, which is key for safety and ease of recovery.

This German-made device has also won the trust of Alcon, a leading American manufacturer of the most reliable ophthalmic instruments. Moreover, it has also been approved by the FDA – the strictest US federal health agency.

• Currently, every third laser clinic in the world uses this laser device. For this reason, WaveLight has become a global market leader compared to other manufacturers.

 • Because we can offer other surgical solutions to patients who want this procedure but are unsuitable because of their particular eye condition.

• Because all our operating rooms are located in one building, so we can perform all the interventions in one place.

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Our ISO 9001 Certificate

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Our ophthalmic clinic is CertUnion ISO 9001 certified in the following areas of validity: ophthalmic outpatient care, ophthalmic procedures as part of day surgery, laser eye surgery, and optical services.