In our optical store, you can get the right glasses made for you in a discreet and elegant environment.

Our wide range of frames include elegant models from renowned fashion brands, selections from youthful, professional and timeless classical frames as well as sunglasses.

 We also have a variety of options for simpler, "durable" glasses for our guests with a limited budget.

Our range of lenses meets every need, let it be the latest individualized progressive lenses, computer glasses, or the latest generation of photochromic lenses that are an excellent solution for people with sensitive eyes. You may pay in cash, by credit card and we have contracts with several health insurance agencies!

About lenses

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When shopping for new glasses, one often needs to make, a decision, on what kind of lens to put in the selected frame. In such cases, there are some aspects that are worth considering.

Glasses for reading or for work?

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Multi-focus glasses used for work offer significantly more than traditional single-focus reading glasses. While reading glasses are designed for a set distance of about 30-50 cm, they do not provide a clear vision at a larger distance.

On the other hand, when wearing work glasses, we can perfectly read a book or see the computer screen at our desk. It also provides clear vision up to 3-4 m when dealing with customers or in the office. For those who work several hours in front of a computer, the contrast-enhancing filter and the high-quality anti-glare layer are a great help. The former reduces eye fatigue, and in combination with the latter we can see a much sharper, more contrasting image.

Smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions have become an essential part of our daily lives. However, there are drawbacks to constant device use.

One study found that 83% of eyeglass wearers experience some form of discomfort during or immediately after using digital devices. This can be eye strain or even insomnia.

A special surface treatment developed for this purpose helps to eliminate these effects: it significantly reduces the amount of blue light entering our eyes and thus prevents eye strain and eye irritation.

This is the ideal solution for eyeglass wearers who spend most of their days in front of digital screens, including students, office workers and children. In addition to preventing eye strain, these lenses also provide calmer and more contrasting vision.

For light-sensitive eyes: glasses that darken to sunlight, or single-color glasses with dark lenses?

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Lenses, which darken to sunlight, have undergone a significant technological development, that improved the speed of light adaptation (i.e., darkening or lightening).

Gray, brown and green darkening versions are becoming more and more popular among young people.

Their huge advantage is that they change their shade according to the current light conditions, thus providing adequate protection in gleaming sunlight and diffused light.

They are 100% UV filtered and are excellent outdoors. Sensity transition lenses provide balanced performance in all climates, seasons and conditions.

In a matter of moments, they darken into fashionable sunglasses outdoors, while indoors they brighten faster – than previous versions – and achieve perfect transparency.

In addition, they provide 100% UV protection. Thanks to all this, Sensity lenses provide exceptional comfort and protection.

Sensity lenses are available in three natural shades, developed by experts with sunglasses in mind, for a fashionable look – guaranteed! Sensity shades: a natural shade of gray, a warmer brown, and a bright but low-intensity green.

In recent years, the range of our tinted lenses has been expanded with a number of new colors, and these lenses are available in transition colors.

Our color range includes different shades of brown, gray, blue, green, pink and American Gray. Whether you want to buy sunglasses, sport glasses, glasses that are ideal for driving or everyday glasses, we guarantee you will find the ideal solution!

Extraordinary effect of polarized lenses

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When light is reflected from a shiny surface, e.g., wet road, car windshield, window, snow or water, it will polarize. This increases the intensity of the light, leading to unpleasant, dazzling reflections and impairing visibility.

Polarized lenses filter out this light, preventing dazzling reflections, and while wearing them, you can experience the perfect viewing experience, anywhere, anytime!

Is it getting harder to see up close?

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Do you happen to have blurred vision for a few moments when you have to switch between different distances?

In this case, you may have a presbyopia. This natural phenomenon usually occurs over the age of 40 and is due to the fact that over time our eye loses its elasticity. If you don’t take an action on these changes, you may become prone to eye strain and headaches.

Progressive lenses (also known as multifocal lenses) have innumerable focal points, providing a sharp image not only at far and near, but at any distance.

The progressive marker refers to a gradual (i.e., progressive) change in diopter. Extensive research has been conducted in recent years to refine progressive lenses. Thanks to continuous innovation and the use of revolutionary lens design technologies, modern progressive lenses provide the wearer with a wide distortion-free field of view as well as crystal-clear vision.

What should be the surface treatment of the lens?

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It is worth paying for the best possible surface protection, as the high-quality hard layer makes the otherwise fragile plastic resistant to scratches, thus significantly extending the life of the lens. Obviously, this is particularly important if, for example, in the case of a valuable, thinned, or progressive lens, we can protect our lens from premature replacement with a minimal price difference.

On the one hand, the role of the anti-reflection layer is also aesthetic. The eyes can be seen by a conversation partner better as the glittering is eliminated.

It also helps creating contrasted images as the best antireflexive layers transmit more than 99% of the light, thus eliminating the disturbing effect of reflections. This is especially important for those working in artificial light and in front of monitors. By using dust, grease, and water-repellent layer, the cleaning will be easier and will result in increased service life.