Suitability assessment test

Selection of patients

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Prior to laser treatment, all patients should undergo a detailed eye examination that is followed by an appointment with the doctor to discuss results. Based on this, the ophthalmologist will decide if your eyes are suitable for treatment with an excimer laser.

Even though your ophthalmologist may have already performed an eye examination, we will re-examine you in our office using special instruments (such as a Pentacam-oculyzer), as this result will constitute the input parameters to our computer-controlled laser surgery device.

Procedure for suitability assessment test before laser ophthalmic vision correction surgery

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You should not wear hard contact lenses 6 weeks before your appointment!

Teamwork: (approx. 1.5-2 hours)

During your visit, several people will make sure that you are taken care of and you feel comfortable. They will perform multiple inspections where the repeated examinations are performed on different instruments.

1. Your personal information is recorded

2. Fill out our fitness questionnaire, read information about laser treatment

Functional tests

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• Computer-controlled eye examination by our optometrist (computer measurement)

• Acquisition of visual acuity and correction of diopter by our specialists

• BioGraph measurement used first in the country

• Check eye tear production

Medical examinations and consultation

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• Recheck vision correction

• Use the pentacam-oculyzer to map the frontal layer of the eye at 25,000 points (including measuring corneal thickness). This data is transferred to the control unit of the laser surgery device

• Biomicroscopic examination of the anterior half of the eye

• Measurement of intraocular pressure

• Pupil dilation with drops

• If necessary (in hypermetropos) with cycloplegia drops and then repeat the computer-controlled eye examination

• Examination of the fundus

• Determining eye suitability for different types of laser treatments

Dos and don’ts before the suitability test

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• Do not wear hard contact lenses for 6 weeks before testing. Inform your doctor about the length of contact lens use.

• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

• Inform your doctor about your illnesses (diabetes, arthritis).

For the fundus examination, the pupil must be dilated by using eye drops. This is not painful, but due to the wide pupil you may encounter blurred vision (this can take up to 2-3 hours).

Under these circumstances, driving can be cumbersome. So, if you are coming from out of town, it is worth arranging an escort to accompany you home by the end of the surgical procedure.

Read the information you received on arrival carefully so that you can ask the specialist for explanations if needed!