Treating Cataracts

Cataract is a curable disease.

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Currently, the only cure is surgical removal that is followed by an artificial lens implantation in its original location. Today, it is one of the most commonly performed surgeries. This is also the case in Hungary.

More than 60,000 such surgeries are performed in Hungary every year. This microsurgical procedure is one of the most successful surgical procedures, which is more than 95% is performed without complication. The doctor requires a long and complex learning process to perform cataracts surgery with routine.

Cataract, or cataracts, means graying of the lens of the eye. Thus, during surgery, the blurred ophthalmic lens inside the eyeball is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

In our clinic, cataract removal is done by the so-called phacoemulsification technique, which is the most effective and safest method to date. This is still the most modern surgical procedure in the world.

After removing the original ophthalmic lens, a collapsible single- or even multi-focus artificial lens is implanted into the original lens cases. The artificial lenses are folded and inserted into the inside of the eye, where the soft lens spreads out and rests flexibly in the lens case which requires no other fixation. At the end of the surgery, the wound does not need to be sutured as it closes itself. This procedure allows for rapid wound healing and regeneration, so you experience good vision a few days after surgery, or even immediately. The patient can return to his or her normal life after a few days.

Key features of the surgery

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 • The operation is performed under local anesthesia with eye drops, no pain occurs during the operation.

 • The operation takes approximately 10 minutes. After surgery, the patient comes out of the operating room on their own feet and can leave after a short rest.

• No bandages on the eyes, essentially no restrictions after surgery, daily activities can be continued freely.

• After surgery, prescription eye drops must be used for approximately 14 days, no other after-treatment is required.

 • Surgery results in 100% vision improvement! (Of course, only if there is no other cause for poor vision, only cataracts…)

The duration of the surgery depends on the doctor’s experience. In our clinic, it does not exceed 10 minutes.  The procedure is painless. The patient already has improved visual acuity on the day of surgery, and in some cases, sharp vision develops after a few days of healing.

The surgeries at our clinic are performed by Dr. Árpád Bereczki Ph.D. and Dr. Rita Bereczki-Tuzson.